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Aam1212 51 - Adsl2+ 12-port Module For Ies1000m

Aam1212 51 - Adsl2+ 12-port Module For Ies1000m

Part Number: 91-004-503001B
Language: IN
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Product Details


Multi-service stand-alone mini IP DSLAM supporting SHDSL technology, ADSL and ADSL2+ over POTS/ISDN with built-in CO splitter

Features & Benefits

  • Various deployment functions
    • ZyXEL’s IP Express offers a broad range of options for every deployment scenario.
    • Available models range from an affordable 8-port mini DSLAM, to a versatile, medium-size DSLAM, as well as a 360-port modular DSLAM that is well-suited for large-scale deployments.
    • The versatile IP Express family offers both DC power input, which is suitable for central office sites, and AC power inputs, which are commonly used for in-building applications. Additionally, some models are designed to comply with industrial standards for being placed in a street cabinet to maximize deployment opportunities.
  • Flexible uplink connections
    • All ZyXEL modular IP DSLAMs use MSC1000A (Management and Switching Card) for uplink and subtending purposes.
    • MSC1000A comes with four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for friendly deployment in a ring or tree topology.
    • ZyXEL provides a wide range of copper or optical transceivers on the uplink and subtending interfaces for applications of various distances and medias.
  • Full-range DSL speed offering
    • All IP Express models offer G.SHDSL and ADSL/ADSL2+ technologies in last mile applications.
    • Speeds range from 128 Kbps up to 24 Mbps and loop-reach travels up to 6 km.
    • Broadband service may be offered by using the existing copper wire infrastructure, which allows new revenue to be generated with minimum installation time and expense.
  • VLAN with security and segmented class of service
    • IP Express uses VLAN (Virtual LAN) to segment the class of services provided by service providers. Each Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC) transformed to and from an ATM-based CPE can be configured and mapped to an assigned VLAN with different packet priorities. Service providers can therefore differentiate the class of services for Internet, VoIP and Video broadcasting. By using VLAN, IP Express also allows service providers to provide B2B intranet with network privacy and security.
  • Optimise bandwidth use
    • The IGMP snooping feature offered in the IP Express family only forwards traffic to subscribers who request multicast traffic. This prevents the unnecessary forwarding of multicast traffic to everyone, including non-subscribers and optimizes bandwidth utilization for bandwidth-consuming applications, such as broadcast video.


    •  FCC Part 15 Class A
    •  EN55022 Class A
    •  EN55024 Class A
    •  ETS300 386
  • Safety
    •  ITU-T K.20, Appendix C
    •  CSA 60950
    •  EN60950
    •  IEC60950
    •  UL60950
  • Reliability
    •  ETS300 019